Find the Perfect Gift at a Home Sex Toy Party
Find the Perfect Gift at a Home Sex Toy Party

Sexessories Toy Party

When you book a Sexessories home party, prepare yourself for a hilarious yet informative evening with your friends?

Sexessories began as a home party business 16 years ago and offers some unique aspects you probably haven’t experienced if you have attended other parties of this nature before. We create a fun relaxed atmosphere for your guests by supplying naughty name tags and provide each person a sample of our stimulating genital balm! Their choice of course.

We offer unique hosting gift incentives as well as a percentage of sales for the host/hostess to shop with. What we find our party patrons to be most enthusiastic about is everyone can take their product home the night of your party! We bring it all with us! In our experience we are the only adult party provider in mid Vancouver Island that offers this. No waiting for 5 weeks plus for your product.

There is no fee for us bringing the party to you. We just ask you have a minimum of seven guests for an in-home party and five guests for an in-store party.

Please inquire if you are out of the mid Van-Isle area as well as if the party is big enough we’ll travel to you and have!