Get Into the Swing of Things

Get Into the Swing of Things

Don’t let the more gifted athletes have all the fun. With the Spinning Fantasy Swing you can now try a host of new sexual positions that ensure deep penetration and explore your most ambitious fantasies.

The Spinning Fantasy swing rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to twist, twirl and try positions that you never thought possible. It’s perfect for beginners and fun for everyone!

The Set Includes:

  • 1 Heavy Duty Steel Eyelet Bolt
  • 1 Heavy Duty Link Chain
  • 1 Torsion Spring
  • 1 Metal Support Bar
  • 2 Large Padded Supports for Butt and Back
  • 2 Small Padded Stirrups for Legs
  • 2 EZ-Open Connecting Hooks
  • 1 Swivel Clip
  • Instruction Sheet

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