• Sexational Adult Toy Stories

    Sexational Adult Toy Stories

    What are you waiting for? Enjoy some great times and great pleasure in a welcoming, friendly environment hosted by Parksville's experts on adult toys.

  • Get Into the Swing of Things

    Get Into the Swing of Things

    Don’t let the more gifted athletes have all the fun. With the Spinning Fantasy Swing you can now try a host of new sexual positions that ensure deep penetration and explore your most ambitious fantasies.

Sexational Adult Toy Stories

Sexational Adult Toy Stories

a) When you book a Sexessories Home Party you get a representative who takes part in the product selection process. In other words, unlike almost all adult toy party companies, we are not a multi-level marketing company. We don’t have to sell what some executive far removed the front line of the Adult Sex Toy industry tells us to. We have 15 years experience in sales and selection of product and buy from distributors all over the world based on our expertise and desire to provide product to men and women interested in the newest, most innovative mind blowing adult toys.

b) At a Sexessories party you get the option of hosting an all female or mixed/couples party from your own home or after store hours at our retail location. How convenient if you have young ones at home, want to have “just the girls” or simply just don’t want the hassle of pre-cleaning or cleaning up before and after your guests. At our parties we give you the naughtiest of nametags and provide you with samples of a genital stimulation balm in the powder room before the party to make you laugh, loosen up and get “warmed” up . We do this because at Sexessories we want you to have the most fun yet educational party experience.

c) One of the most unique features of a Sexessories home party is there is NO ORDERING. That’s right NO ORDERING. Everything is for sale right at your party. This is especially important if you have someone all shaved and showered “waiting” for you at home or if you are just anxious to get home to have a “date” with yourself. Also, if we run out of something (rare) not only do you NOT pay shipping fees, WE deduct 10% off the net price for having to wait. We have a three to six day order waiting period, compared to with the usual three to six week or more with other companies.

d) Well if all of this is not enough, at a Sexessories party we give the hosts/hostesses a gift automatically for just having a party, a percentage of the party sales for or toward a purchase and an really fabulous gift if you get a referral party from yours.(referral gift due upon completion of referred party and gifts may change subject to availability).

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  • G-Plus Attachment

    G-Plus Attachment

    3.2/5 rating (43 votes)


    Take your massage to the ultimate heights with this amazingly unique attachment. Its innovative shape delivers sensational vibrations to dual pleasure points, both the G spot and the clitoris.

  • Hitachi Electric Magic Wand

    Hitachi Electric Magic Wand

    3.6/5 rating (75 votes)


    For over three decades, the Hitachi Magic Wand has been the personal hand-held massager that other massagers aspire to be. With a soft head, you are in for a nice smooth and soothing massage.

  • We-Vibe Tango

    We-Vibe Tango

    3.2/5 rating (41 votes)


    It only takes one to Tango — but two can sure have a lot of fun! The We-Vibe Tango is a compact yet incredibly powerful and satisfying vibe with an elegantly sculpted lipstick shape.

  • Crazy Blue Double Stimulator

    Crazy Blue Double Stimulator

    3.0/5 rating (10 votes)


    OKIYA(R) Spiral Crazy Blue Beam vibrator is made of elastomer. Phthalate-free, non allergenic, antibacterial and flexible. It has a malleable main shaft’s rotating head. It has 2 motors (main shaft & lateral) with variable speed rotating and 3 rows of fixed blue pearls moving in spiral for the main shaft motor & with lateral motor multi-speed vibration.